Lymari Salgado Martinez, Missionary Experience in Africa

Lymari Salgado Martinez, Missionary Experience in Africa

All the Glory to God
March 6, 2022

I thank God for the opportunity to serve Him through Village Life Outreach & Community Kid’s Party in Africa, to meet other brothers in the faith and to meet the people who lives in Ghana, Africa. It was an experience of great growth on a personal, ministerial, and spiritual level, not only of God’s service. It fills my soul with great joy to have participated in this impact where I saw the hand of God, the love shown to a community, the unity of a body of Christ, the unity of volunteers, the direction of God during every moment, the search for God’s direction for everything planned not only at that moment but before the impact. At first, before going to Ghana, we thought about how everything would be organized and how a grand project would be executed in a whole day. I saw the hand of God through how the Holy Spirit took control, everything flowed without any inconvenience. Also, the happiness of the community for all the services (Health Clinic; food delivered; delivery of women, men, and children clothing; delivery of the Word; Games/Teaching for children; delivery of gifts to children) that were being given and offered it is a testimony of the Holy Spirit movement. My heart was filled with joy to see the number of children who were able to receive the blessing of food, they expected to receive the food regardless of the waiting time (there were many). The faces of these children in the moments of sharing were also a gift from God and a learning moment for me since it taught me many more ways to reach childhood. The children enjoyed and received teaching.
Leaving a moment of joy to these children in the Christmas period and the gratitude of these children when receiving Christmas gifts was priceless.

It was a blessing to meet the chief of the town (Mafi-Dedukope) and still see the hand of God in the dialogue with the chief and all the support he was giving from start to finish. The beginning of this impact in the sharing of Puerto Rican and African music, waving both flags of both Puerto Rico and Africa was a moment of declaration that we are one in Christ. Distances can physically separate us, but the presence of God unites us and allows us to support each other no matter where we are as one body with the same end and purpose born from the heart of God. So, I felt that this impact and Project from True Worshippers Prophetic Dance was born from the heart of God to reach the needs of humanity in different areas but also to bring the community closer to the heart of God.

It was a blessing to have the opportunity to be part of anointing the place where the True Worshippers Project is expected to be extended in other stages. To see the hand of God work through the chief of the Villa united to this Project to together declare that the land and everything that is done will be to bless the Villa as a whole community in many ways. God opening doors, doors that God opens no one closes.

This missionary experience made me felt the presence of God before we set foot in Africa. It was not easy to get to Africa since before the trip we had to overcome many obstacles such as: requirements at the work level here in Puerto Rico and requirements due to the pandemic situation; moments where we had to increase the prayer not only of ourselves but also of people who supported us in prayer. See how God in a short time allowed us to take more donations both physical and economic than we expected was also a testimony. But in all that process we felt the care of God and God opening each door. We felt God’s care through the brothers of the faith, the people in the Village, the volunteers and the people in Ghana as a whole.

We wish to continue being part of this beautiful Project, beautiful because it is directed by God in all the ways that God allows us. We hope to be able to return with more donations, with more volunteers who want to join. We ask God to guide us, ask Him for wisdom, discernment to reach people who can be touched by God and can be intercessors, economic offer, give their talents, everything for the aggrandizement of the kingdom through this Project.